Thursday, 22 July 2010

Co-working, customers & cupcakes

Ok so what's this co-working thing all about then, a friend asked sceptically last week.  "Come and find out for yourself" I told her.  So she did (good for her!), and yesterday, at the end of Space on Tap's 2nd successful Colleagues on Tap day I asked her how she'd found it.

First she admitted that she hadn't expected it to be very good.  OK. Fair enough :s  ..........

........ Then she revealed that despite her scepticism she'd had a fantastic day for lots of reasons, and planned to come to future co-working days as it really was time well spent.  Great :)

And I'm glad to say she wasn't alone - every one of the 10 co-workers who attended the day had benefited from the experience and would do it again (in fact 5 had been to the last one and had come a 2nd time!). 

They found that unlike at 'networking events', working alongside people for the day actually provided the opportunity to get into discussions naturally, over coffee or over lunch, or about a topic of mutual interest  enhanced by a few cupcakes (yesterday's SpoT chat on Twitter, Facebook and other social media provided a great conversation piece, competently facilitated by Heather Baxter of Marketing Geni), and that making new contacts was almost a natural bi-product of the day rather than the sole purpose of being there

Another telling fact is that 4 of our 10 participants yesterday weren't home workers - they have their own offices but wanted a change of scene - and half of the co-workers already work with other people in their businesses, but as they say, a change is as good as a rest! So co-working really can be suitable for anybody at all.

Is co-working really working?  Well Colleagues on Tap participants certainly think so!  At both events so far people have got as much if not more work done than they would have done at home, and although no-one overtly attended to get new customers, at least two of our co-workers managed to strike deals on the day.  I call that 'working', don't you? 
So, go on, try it - to find out about the next events we have planned CLICK HERE.  One thing's guaranteed - you'll get out of it at least as much as you put in ... :)


ITA Consultancy said...

Great event on Thursday, the space itself was lovely. Excellent surroundings to get some good quality work done and fast Internet connection which is always a plus! It was nice to meet the co-workers as well, much more relaxed than a networking event plus the SpoT chat was informative. All in all well worth the money.

Judy Heminsley said...

Well done, Jayne, it seems coworking is starting to work its magic in the NE! Those cupcakes look good...