Thursday, 4 August 2011

Colleagues on Tap proves to be good for home-based business

Through transforming venues into a ‘pop-up office’ for the day, Colleagues on Tap provides home-workers with a ‘day at the office’ experience as an alternative to the home office, complete with workspace, wifi and, critically, colleagues on tap.

In total a programme of 13 Colleagues on Tap co-working days for homeworkers have taken place between June 2010 and July 2011, with a further 5 events planned for Autumn 2011.

We have now produced a report to evaluate the rationale behind Colleagues on Tap, and to set out the results of a survey of over 50 homeworkers who attended the events during the initial 12 month period, with a survey response rate of over 85%. 

Key highlights from the survey results are:

  • Over half of the participants in Colleagues on Tap co-working days attended more than once (85% of males and 41% of females)
  • All but one of the homeworkers who attended ran their own business
  • Nearly 80% of co-workers reported that they'd managed to get as much work done as they usually do at home, and almost half said they'd actually improved on their usual productivity
  • 93% of attendees at events said they had made new contacts while they worked
  • 100% of those attending the 'SpoT chat' found it useful
For a copy of the full report get in touch and to check out our Autumn co-working calendar CLICK HERE

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