Saturday, 13 August 2011

Colleagues on Tap works for me because ...

We've had so much fantastic feedback on Colleagues on Tap co-working days from homeworkers who've attended our events over the past year, we thought it was time to share some of the great things they've said.

So, here's a selection of quotes from past co-workers which hopefully will encourage you to come along and try co-working days for homeworkers if you haven't managed to already!  

Our co-working calendar for this Autumn can be found HERE

Getting work done, perhaps in a different way to being at home ...

"These days are extremely helpful in the enabling me to achieve important tasks in a busy week."

"I found the opportunity to sit on the swing & look at the crocus plants rather inspiring!"

"I did manage to get my work done but also managed to socialise at the same time which was great as being a home worker it does sometimes get lonely."

"There were fewer distractions than at home."

Networking and chatting with colleagues is an important part of the day ...

"I not only met some very interested people but also picked up some great tips using various networking sites."

"Met with people I knew from previous events ... and once again great cup cakes."

"Good to meet others in the same boat, reassuring as sometimes you feel you are the only one."

"Being a home worker it can get lonely in the office on your own and I really enjoyed the 'office' environment but being able to socialise at the same time and make new friends."

"Breaks the monotony and solitude of working at home. Potentially it brings me together with like-minded people. Gives good opportunity to discuss common predicaments ..."

"Great to have a quiet undisturbed place to do a bit of focussed work. also enjoyed the facilitated discussion, plus a chance to meet and chat with some interesting people."

The organised Spot Chat was useful ...

"I enjoyed the informal chat very much. It is an ideal way to exchange ideas and pick up inspiring thoughts from each other. I also gained encouragement from those present at the first meeting I attended."

"Relaxing sitting in the sun discussing things openly amongst each other."

"It was interesting to listen to other peoples views and experiences."

"Wonderful to find that the problems I thought I had are actually the same obstacles faced by other homeworkers - definitely not alone!"

"Good to know everyone else's feelings on the challenges of perceptions (including self-perception) of being a home worker and attempts to network."

And of course the cupcakes...

Jayne's home-made cupcakes are a popular feature !
"The cupcakes where to die for"

"In addition to good company, new contacts and information sharing, a nice change of scenery, a breath of fresh air... Oh and the desire to bake yummy cupcakes!"

"Of course the best moment of the day was when we received our cupcakes which were gorgeous !!"

 And finally ...

"Top day"

Please join us at one of our co-working days this September.  For your co-working calendar go to

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